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The Collegiate GROW Golfer Program

The learning curve and environment for the game of golf can be intimidating, especially when you consider the longer someone delays learning it. When Early Career employees begin their careers or entrepreneurial journeys, they are typically focused on adapting to their new jobs/roles and responsibilities, adjusting to the transition from college, navigating a company's culture, etc. Essentially, they typically postpone learning to play golf. GROW Collegiate introduces golf to college students during their junior or senior year of college in an effort to address the prioritization of the sport and doing so while students are already in learning mode. 

The GROW Collegiate Golfer Program curriculum is offered in a one-day clinic format or a series of up to six clinics. The objective of the clinic is for students to have a hands-on introduction to golf and to have an increased level of appreciation and exposure to golf as a business sport.

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